World Crafts

Art sets out to meet the most beautiful artisans in the world.
On Scarves and Squares and always in limited series.
Our first trip, China, its traditions, its Contemporary art. 
Always traveling Ludovic Bonneton (Parisien Globe Trotter) is at the origin of these meetings.


It is well known that silk originated in China and has proven to be one of the best materials for clothing – it looks and exudes a sense of richness that no other material can match. In fact, it could go back
in the 30th century BC when Huang Di (the yellow emperor). For 2000 years,
the Chinese kept the secret of the manufacture of silk and this secret was one
most jealously guarded in history. It’s with the increase in travel
and the trade that sericulture gradually reached the outside world, first in Korea, then in Japan, in India and finally in Europe. There’s a lot
legends about the discovery of silk; some of them are
both romantic and mysterious.

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